European Ramblers Association (ERA)

Dansk Vandrelaug er medlem af den europæiske vandreforening ERA.

ERA har bl.a. fokus på de europæiske langdistanceruter kaldet Fjernvandreveje samt kvalitetsvandrevejene og har bl.a. også stået i spidsen for Eurorando, der finder sted hvert 5 år.

Læs mere  – på engelsk – om ERA:


ERA practices networking and cross-border cooperation among organizations by ensuring respectful treatment, expertise and values in all walking issues.


ERA is well known all over Europe as recognized expert in all walking issues being a relevant, proactive and credible partner.


ERA will be:

  1. Furthering walking and mountain-climbing activities, concern for and care of the countryside, protecting nature and the environment;
  2. Creating and marking European long-distance paths, protecting these and other international paths and safeguarding their continued existence;
  3. Protecting and further developing both rights and traditions with regard to crossing borders in European countries, and Europe’s cultural heritage;
  4. Seeking to preserve the right of access to all land, and to create this right where it has hitherto not been guaranteed; this aim is secondary to the protection of natural environment;
  5. Strengthening mutual understanding between people;
  6. Representing the interests of member associations in international organisations such as the European Union and the Council of Europe;
  7. Strengthening the consciousness of people that physical activity is one of the prerequisites for a healthy life.

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