You are more than welcome to join The Danish Ramblers’ Association.

Join The Danish Ramblers’ Association

Would you like to become a member of The Danish Ramblers’ Association (Dansk Vandrelaug)? We offer organized walks/hikes all over Denmark and the adjacent countries of Sweden and Germany as well.

Becoming a member means that you will have the possibilities to participate in our walks all over Denmark, getting discounts on clothes and equipment at outdoor shops, joining our organized walking holidays in Denmark and abroad and participating in our training courses. We also have two summer houses for members to lease.

You are much welcome to join our walks in order to find out whether you like the walks we offer or not.

You will find the membership fees here 

You can sign up for a membership if:

  1. You have a Danish address, you can fill out this form (It’s in Danish)
  2. You are living abroad and wish to become a member please send us an e-mail at or call us using +45 3312 1165 between Mo, We, Fr 10:00 – 15:00 and Tu, Th 10:00 – 17:00.

Once we have registered you as a member, you will receive the latest edition of our member magazine “VandreLiv”. In this magazine the forthcoming walks or hikes will be announced for a period of two months.

But before you sign up for a membership you can check us out by participating on a few walks. Check out which walk you want to try on this map always showing the current walks. Unfortunately all walks are announced in Danish. If you do not understand Danish and have no one to translate for you, you might still be able to find your way to a walk. All announcements are described in the same manner. The key information is:

  • Turleder/e (tour guide/s): The tour’s guide and contact person.
  • Arrangør (organizer): The name of the local branch, which is arranging the walk.
  • Distance (same in Danish): Defines the length of the walk.
  • Mødested (meeting point): Defines where the walk begins.
  • Slutsted (end of walk): Defines the endpoint.

When you have decided for a walk, you just join at the meeting point in due time (5-10 minutes) before the announced time. Look for a bunch of people with rucksacks and walking boots.

There will be a few breaks in the walk, so you need to bring your own food/snack, water, and coffee/tea.

Dansk Vandrelaug, DVL

DVL is a national organization with around 10.000 members. More than 600 of them are tour leaders. The tour leaders are volunteers and unpaid. The members are organized in geographical local branches (‘afdelinger’). Throughout the country DVL has 20 local branches.
Members can participate in any walk no matter where and no matter in which branch. This also goes for the non-members; exceptions are: training courses, trips for more days, and when announced for members only.

A walk

A walk with DVL is usually a guided tour. This means that we are walking in one group guided by the tour leader. The route is mostly only known to the tour leader beforehand. And usually he/she wants to show you something along on the route. This, however, depends much on the tour leader.

The walking speed is usually in the range of 4-6 km/h and depends very much on what kind of walk it is.

Naturally there are also rules.

  • Participating on the tour is at your own risk.
  • Comply with the public laws.
  • If you need to stop or want to leave the group, inform the tour leader about this.
  • Comply with the instructions given by the tour leader.
  • Do not litter – bring you trash along or use a public bin.

The walks are not a competition.

Most tour leaders speak English, but there might be some tour leaders who do not. If you come across a non-English speaking tour leader, there are most likely one or more of the participants who can translate and keep you informed. The language barrier should not deter you from walking along with us.

A long and good history

Danish Ramblers’ Association was founded 18 May 1930 in order to promote rambling and active outdoor leisure time in Denmark. The Danish Ramblers’ Association was especially interested in giving the youth a chance to enjoy the natural environment. During the first 30 years we established and ran numerous Youth Hostels and issuing Youth Hostel membership cards was a significant part of our work.

From 1950 and for the next 40 years we ran a travel agency to provide low cost travel opportunities for groups of ramblers. The increasing wealth and welfare have changed society to where cost is not the deciding factor rather health, exercise, content and social atmosphere which we provide in abundance.

See the complete website in English

You’ll find more information on The Danish Rambler’s Association in this document.